Regenerum eyelash growth serum 4ml + 7ml
Regenerum eyelash growth serum 4ml + 7ml
Regenerum eyelash growth serum 4ml + 7ml

Regenerum eyelash growth serum 4ml + 7ml


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To strengthen and nourish your eyelashes, think of using the treatment with dual-action Regenerum regenerative eyelash serum. The serum intensely nourishes and regenerates the lashes, making them longer, thicker and apparently stronger.

The Regenerum eyelash serum consists of two specially designed formulations:

Serum eyeliner for use in the lash line contains lipooligopeptides – nutrients that accelerate the growth of eyelashes by stimulating their bulbs. They also thicken and the hair structure and make it more dense. The formulation also included Junebug extract, which provides soothing and calming effect on the delicate skin of the eyelids. (4ml)

Serum with a brush to apply to the full length of eyelashes is based on the formula containing polypeptides with provitamin B5 and thus dramatically lengthens your eyelashes and effectively reduces their loss. The serum is also enriched with aloe vera gel and vitamin E, which penetrate into the hair fibers, moisturize, soften and deeply strengthen eyelashes. (7ml)

The package contains two types of serums with matching applicators. Before using the product, thoroughly wash off makeup. First, apply Serum 1 at the eyelash baseline, using the fine brush provided (just like you apply eyeliner).

Next, apply serum 2 on your eyelashes, using the brush – also provided in the package (you can also apply the serum on your eyebrows).

Apply regularly every evening before going to bed until you get the desired result. After that, apply once or twice a week.

Due to its lipophilic properties, lipooligopeptides easily penetrate deeply into the skin and hair follicles, where they stimulate eyelash follicles to produce keratin – the main building blocks of hair and eyelashes. This results in their accelerated growth and the improved density and thickness of the structure.

Junebug extract
The positive effects of the herb (Euphrasia officinalis) for the eye area have been known for centuries. The concentrated Junebug extract in Regenerum regenerative eyelash serum has a soothing and calming effect on the the delicate eyelid skin, preventing irritation.

Polypeptides and provitamin B5 complex
Polypeptides and provitamin B5 complex stimulates the proliferation of keratinocytes within the bulbs of eyelashes and provides optimal anchoring them in the skin by stimulating and organizing adhesion molecules. Thus is profoundly lengthens and strengthens eyelashes, reducing their loss.

Aloe Vera gel and Vitamin E
They moisturize, soften and deeply strengthen lashes. Also, they have a positive effect on the skin in which eyelashes are anchored, providing regenerative and soothing effect and helping keep the skin in good condition.


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